Caribbeancompr-121418_003 - Ai Uehara



On behalf of the AV industry, is the introduction of "Monthly" series of the second edition of the still actress Uehara Ai continue to attract a lot of fans. Husband is back to take him to the men that have actually Ai of the original home drinking, or elsewhere in Iki earnestly tied to the original him husband the memory of the time sleeping revived, the crotch in the Invisibility yukata increases in the Bing or hospitality become a foam-covered by the customer the bath was, cursed the man and cute face, or try to tickle the man's feelings and wildly Handjob. Anyway, this piece of Nuqui far from full of cute and naughty Uehara Ai is the permanent version can enjoy many times! AV界を代表し、今尚多くのファンを魅了し続ける女優上原亜衣の「月刊」シリーズ第二弾のご紹介です。 旦那が飲んだ帰りに連れて帰ってきた部下は実は亜衣の元彼、当時の記憶が蘇り寝ている旦那をよそに元彼と結ばれてイキまくったり、スケスケ浴衣で股間がビンビンに大きくなったお客様をお風呂で泡まみれになっておもてなししたり、可愛い顔して男を罵倒し、乱暴に手コキして男心をくすぐってみたり。とにかく可愛くてエッチな上原亜衣のヌキどころ満載のこの作品は、なんども楽しめる永久保存版です!


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